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Fuller up close and personal

  • Blazes a path for women’s equality with love, intensity, personal toil, great deeds, and loss.

    series of scenes: women’s prison; women working in a factory; women flying the Italian flag during the Roman Revolution; suffragettes’ meeting
  • Consorts with leading thinkers of the Victorian Era.

    portraits of Ralph Waldo Emerson, George Sand, Giuseppe Mazzini, and Elizabeth Browning
  • Critiques the world around her. Abrasive in delivery, Fuller evokes both jealous disdain and admiration.

The Film

With exceptional perspective from leading biographers, animated archival wealth, and an original score, the work unpacks the paradox of Margaret Fuller with insight and vigor.

Core Production Team

Jonathan Schwartz, Director
in collaboration with researchers and craftspeople listed in the credit roll, and including...

Story concept and lead funder
Peter Reilly, Risorgimento Productions, LLC
Deana Holmes and Wanda Urbanska
Humanities funding
Mass Foundation, Katherine Stevens
Jennifer Raymond and Carol Kopelman
Nan Bryne and Chloe Harrison Y. with Angela Yang
Deana Holmes and Wanda Urbanska
Eminent scholars
Megan Marshall, Charles Capper, Leslie Eckel, and Kathryn Kornacki
Bethany Czerny
Erik Angra and Johan Grimm
Walter Stone
Darian Stansbury
Jan Puccelli
Anton Nikolayev, Mike Sullivan, Bob Ebener
Pilot Editors
Vivian Williams, Ken Kinna, Andrea Fuentes, and Monica Cohen
Audio Mixologists
Aaron Bouchard, Raziel Panic, and Spencer Cardillo
Mandy Kowara and Youngjin Kwag
Italian Unit
Reverend Jenny Rankin, Mario Bannoni, and Alison Ercolani
Web Developer
Jonathan Dowse

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